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Committed to Tomorrow's Success, Today

Nexeo Plastics is a distribution company. We source materials, and supply them to our customers. But what makes us different is that while other distributors see their role “between the loading docks”, we go further and deeper into our partners businesses, to include services such as new product consultation, sourcing, logistics, business planning, and marketing, among others.

We connect suppliers and manufacturers, and find solutions that help both achieve their business objectives – not just their distribution needs. To put it more succinctly; Nexeo Plastics recommends smart solutions that help partners achieve business objectives.

Redefining Distribution

Safety, Compliance and Sustainability 

The foundation of our business. We are committed to driving continuous improvement in Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) performance through responsible business practices that ensure a better tomorrow.

Global Excellence

Our partners rely on our collective passion for customer satisfaction and our commitment to connecting customers with world-class products, services and technology around the globe.

Smart Solutions

We are with customers every step of the way, offering solutions to help achieve their business objectives—not just their distribution needs.

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