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Plastics for Rotomolding

Rotomolding Materials with a Full Range of Technical Support

Kayak RotaplasNexeo Plastics is dedicated to connecting our customers with high-quality material options for use in efficient rotomolding processes. Rotational molding consists of a heated hollow mold which is filled with ground powder that is slowly rotated, causing the softened material to adhere to the walls of the mold, forming the desired object.

Nexeo Plastics has one of the broadest line cards in the industry including pellets, powder, compounds, colors, while providing access to premier materials from leading suppliers. We help ensure our customers have easy access to premium powder and pellets to enhance their own manufacturing processes.

Assistance Beyond Material Selection

Rotational molding can face challenges. However, most issues can be easily solved with a slight adjustment in operating procedures or by choosing a polyolefin powder with different properties better suited to enhance the performance of your application. Our experienced technical services team acts as an extension of our customers’ businesses by providing support in material selection and part design or tool analysis. We strive to help our customers achieve optimal performance from powders and pellets, helping them maintain the production standards they desire.

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