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Plastic End Markets

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Your Reliable Source for Raw Materials for End-Market Plastics Applications

As a leading thermoplastics distributor, Nexeo Plastics offers services for a wide range of industries. Our application development engineers, technical service representatives and commercial team are well versed in how plastics are used in your industry. Having this knowledge means that Nexeo Plastics can support you in developing optimal solutions for your application.

Partnering with Nexeo Plastics means having access to our global expertise, a deep thermoplastics product line card from world-class suppliers and a distribution supply chain at the ready. Our end-market services are representative of a commitment to consistently serve and support our customers in the industries in which they operate.

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leading thermoplastics distributor

Material Specification Expertise to Help You Achieve Your Business Objectives

In identifying the proper polymer family, our material selection team is prepared to help you evaluate various material grades for your specific application. We support your material selection process in an effort to maximize value to your company.

We are proud to serve a wide cross-section of industries and have a special focus on those listed below with extensive product lines and technical service experts available to help you with material specification questions. Learn more about the specialty industries in which we operate and the products and services that we have available.

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