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Plastics Packaging Distributor

Plastics Solutions for Flexible and Rigid Packaging

Whether you manufacture flexible or rigid packaging products, Nexeo Plastics distributes thermoplastic resins from the world’s leading suppliers and offers smart solutions that satisfy your product specifications.

In addition, we offer the HIVAL® polymer portfolio that includes multiple grades of polypropylene, polyethylene, polystyrene and ABS polymers—supporting a broad range of properties and applications at competitive commodity pricing. Multiple grades are available for injection molding, blow molding, extrusion and film with low-water carryover, high clarity and barrier resistance.

Flexible Packaging

We support a variety of applications in the food, non-food, shrink, stretch, household and industrial markets and can supply for a variety of manufacturing processes, including injection molding grades for your caps and closures, and flexible grades for your BOPP, blown, cast and laminate film applications.

  • HDPE – High molecular weight and cast
  • LDPE – Tubular and autoclave
  • LLDPE – Butene, hexene, octene and metallocene
  • EVA – Vinyl acetate copolymers up to 30%
  • PP – BOPP and cast
  • PE – “Green” environmentally friendly versions available

Rigid Packaging

Nexeo Plastics supplies resins that meet stringent performance requirements for melt strength, barrier, process-ability, dimensional stability, optics, impact resistance, tamper evidence, reseal-ability, sustainability and safety. We support a wide range of applications, including those in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care and household markets. For caps and closures, we can help you determine which material is optimal for your final end product, taking into consideration processing and handling, temperature resistance, consumer use, quality, odor and color permanence.

Connect with Us for Your Packaging Needs

Whether it’s sourcing the right raw material, overcoming testing and processing hurdles, or matching purchasing expectations to engineering needs, our seasoned experts can bring order to the challenges you face beyond distribution and help you arrive at a solution to improve production and optimize your bottom line.

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