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Plastic Compounding Distributor

Leading Distributor Plastics to Meet Your Compounding Needs

Three piles of different colored small plastic pelletsWe supply the necessary building blocks for helping you manufacture effective compounds. Nexeo Plastics offers high-performing materials that yield effective results in multiple industries. 

Nexeo Plastics offers flexible plans for purchasing, allowing our customers to buy just the right amount of material they need. From modifiers to polymers, we can cover your compounding requirements.

Flexibility to Fit Your Business Needs

Nexeo Plastics works as a partner, supporting our customers every step of the way. We have the expertise to discuss your manufacturing requirements and help you select the right material for your business. Our experienced technical representatives are available to review and discuss your material requirements to help ensure successful processing of your products.

In addition to providing technical expertise, Nexeo Plastics commands a logistical advantage, offering warehouse space to customers for use in compounding and other applications. This type of partnership allows us to lessen your logistical burdens to help make your projects run smoother and easier.

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