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Plastics Healthcare Distributor

Plastics and Medical Industry Expertise

Nexeo Plastics offers thermoplastic materials that help meet the strict regulations of the healthcare industry. With increases in costs for medical devices and pharmaceutical products, our team of experts helps design firms, molders, and OEMs ensure that they are selecting appropriate, cost-effective and competitive raw materials for their healthcare applications.

Supplying OEMs and Molders with Materials that Deliver Results

A stainless steel tray of metal medical tools

We offer materials expertise in key healthcare segments:

Fluid and Drug Delivery

Due to contact with fluids and solid dosages, these devices require a high level of sterility, biocompatibility, chemical resistance, clarity as well as low extractables and leachables that can affect patient safety, compliance and content stability. These include devices such as auto-injectors, inhalers, syringes, catheters, tubing, luers and drip chambers.

Healthcare Packaging

This includes primary and secondary packaging of pharmaceuticals and medical devices such as closures, pouches and prefilled syringes. Design requires protection of products from moisture, light, oxygen and contaminants.

Labware and Diagnostics

These products include petri dishes, pipettes, cryogenic storage tubes, droppers, specimen analysis equipment and more. Some of these applications require low-temperature resistance, low-protein binding, clarity, rigidity and sterility.

Respiratory Therapy

As applications that support patient lives’, it is important to use materials that prevent failure due to environmental stress cracking and chemical attack. Biocompatibility, soft touch, comfort and reliability are important in applications such as respiratory masks, ventilators, CPAP devices, nebulizers and tracheal tubes.

Non-woven Disposables

Non-woven disposables form an integral part of the healthcare market. Disposability and flexibility comprise two major factors making non-wovens the fabric of choice over woven fabrics in diapers, incontinence products, surgical disposal gowns, and women’s hygiene products. Color-ability, sterility, strength and weight also influence design.

Cardiovascular and Blood CareCardiovascular and Blood Care

Applications include devices to support extra-corporeal systems, blood collection, and separation, as well as equipment to move, filter and hold blood. Performance considerations include biocompatibility, chemical resistance, clarity, sterility and good flow for processing.

Surgical Instruments

Due to the breadth of surgical techniques, a variety of tools have been developed to support specific procedures. As devices become smaller and more complex, the need for miniaturized components calls for specialized materials to achieve strength, durability, and freedom of design. Applications include trocars, retractors, speculums, forceps and other hand devices as well as electrosurgical instruments.

Monitoring Devices and Imaging

With compliance and safety in mind, it is important that these applications are chemical resistant, durable, flame retardant, have impact resistance, indoor UV stability, and color-ability. Monitoring and imaging devices comprise a diverse range of applications from hand-held and small devices such as pulse oximeters, blood pressure monitors to larger transportable devices like ultrasound and anesthesia delivery to very large stationary equipment including X-ray, CT, MRI, and PET imaging machines.


Orthopedic devices support surgical and non-surgical techniques to preserve and/or restore the musculoskeletal system, limbs, etc. They include external fixators to immobilize the position of bones throughout the healing process. Factors influencing design include biocompatibility, sterility, dimensional stability, impact, and chemical resistance and color-ability. Applications include bone cement mixers, external bone fixation devices, instrument handles, trays and cases.

We Know Healthcare and OEMs 

A technician holding brain scans

Our customers know that working with Nexeo Plastics is a partnership that provides expertise to achieve obtain optimal results. Customers engage our technical team for assistance in understanding material performance, processing and troubleshooting to ensure that they produce safe, effective and industry-standard products for their healthcare applications.

 With extensive background in material specification and processing in the medical industry, our application development engineers (ADEs) can help research and development teams further understand the functionality, aesthetics and applicable regulatory requirements for raw materials and packaging for a variety of healthcare segments.


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