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Nylons (Polyamides)

A polyamide (known as PA or nylon) is a macromolecule with repeating units linked by amide bonds. Polyamides occur both naturally and artificially. Examples of naturally occurring polyamides are proteins, such as wool and silk. Artificially made polyamides, such as nylon, aramids and sodium poly (asparate) can be made through step-growth polymerization or solid-phase synthesis. Known for its strength, temperature resistance and chemical compatibility, nylon is an ideal material for multiple applications.

Ideal characteristics:

  • Strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Gamma radiation resistance
  • Lightweight (can be metal replacement)
  • Impact performance
  • Durability

Whether you’re looking for nylon to support your automotive, lawn and garden, healthcare or furniture application, Nexeo Plastics is a proud distributor of nylon from world-class suppliers. Our supply chain capabilities and application development engineers are in place to support your project from concept to commercialization. With an on-time delivery rate of 95% and same or next day service to 99% of our customers, you can count on us to be there, when you need it and where you need it.

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