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Your Turnkey Solution for Sustainable Plastics

Helping you achieve your sustainability goals

Sustainability can be as difficult to define, as it is critical to customers and consumers around the world. Nexeo Plastics can help you achieve your sustainability goals, including reducing part weight, using sustainably sourced resin, or improving your operational efficiencies in your processing.

Understanding the Issues
To help you arrive at an effective solution, we work to understand your challenges and what your sustainability goals are. To achieve your overall sustainability goals, we help you evaluate both the parts and the process. Our team can provide an objective viewpoint and new opportunities to consider, including:

  • Design Assistance:  Our technical team can help you find ways to make parts thinner, but still able to meet functional performance requirements.
  •  Production and manufacturing: Our technical experts can help expose untapped sustainability benefits that lower your carbon footprint, such as reducing energy consumption and scrap rate by optimizing your process at the machine.
  •  Resin Selection: Our material selection support can help you evaluate options for your applications from an ever-expanding array of “Green” plastic options.

Broad Range of “Green” Resin Choices That Meet Your Application Requirements 
Our line card of sustainable resins is rapidly expanding as our world class suppliers continue to develop a broad offering of resins that include recycled content, bio engineered, renewably sourced, recyclable, and compostable options. 

  • 100% renewable-based resins are sourced from compostable and renewable raw materials, such as sugarcane and other plant-based materials:
    • Braskem: Sugarcane-based PE
    • BASF: Ecovio, compostable
    • BioLogiQ: NuPlastiQ® Biopolymer
  • Our line of recycled-content resins diverts waste from landfills while using fewer resources during production than traditional or virgin materials:
    • BASF Nypel® recycled Nylon 6
    • BASF Petra® recycled PET polyester
    • SABIC Innovative Plastics PC, PC/ABS, ABS, PBT
    • ALBIS ALTECH Eco Nylon 6 & 66
    • RheTech Rhelon® Nylon 6 & 66
  • Resins with renewable content are attractive sustainable options because they are sourced with renewable wood-based materials:
    • DSM EcoPaxx PA410 Nylon
    • Eastman Tenite® cellulosics
    • RheTech/Rhe-Vision/bio-fillers
  • Health-conscious materials provide effective substitutes when traditional materials prove unsuitable because of safety and health concerns:
    • Nonphthalate polymers
    • BPA-free resins
    • Halogen-free resins

Support That Makes a Difference

As your trusted distribution partner, we are committed to understanding your products’ end use and helping you find the right materials. From material selection, processing optimization to packaging and supply chain logistics, our team is ready to partner with you to create innovative sustainability solutions that drive efficiency, results and profit for your business.

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